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Complete Web Accessibility Consulting, Remediation Services and Leadership

nullAKEA Web Solutions specializes in providing complete Web Accessibility (WCAG) consulting services. It’s one of the key differences between us and other web design firms – we provide web design and web accessibility.

Our team has been consulting in web accessibility for over a decade.

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 is the recognized standard for website accessibility.

If your organization is a governmental institution, a college or university or a public school, Federal law requires that your website meets web accessibility standards. Educational institutions are required to comply with Section508 standards.

Legal Trends

Many organizations, whether public accommodations or privately held businesses, are currently facing legal action due to noncompliance with web accessibility standards.

Legal cases are only increasing as time goes on:

In 2018, this will continue to snowball.

There is Good News – You Can Be Proactive

The best course of action for any organization that is not currently involved in a legal complaint or lawsuit is to take action now.

Historically, an organization that has begun the process of auditing and remediation fairs well if called out on noncompliance with ADA, WCAG and Section508 standards.

The First Step: Begin Your Web Accessibility Audit

AKEA can help you begin the process by performing a complete website audit on your website and digital document downloads.

If your company or institution is already involved in legal action, AKEA will help you expedite the process of auditing and remediation.

Web Accessibility Assessment

A overview and documentation of major issues found on your website and a recommendation on how to best proceed.

Web Accessibility Audit

A comprehensive analysis of your website(s) and detailed reporting on all web accessibility issues.

Corrective Action Plan

Working with your team(s), AKEA will create a plan consisting of work assignments and timelines for your website to become compliant.


Based on your corrective action plan we will aid you in resolving web accessibility compliance issues on your website.

Ongoing Web Accessibility Assurance

Websites and content are constantly changing in any organization. Because of this, AKEA offers a website accessibility (WCAG) assurance plan to review your website 1x or 2x annually to ensure that your newly added and modified content continues to be compliant.

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