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AKEA is a full-service consulting firm offering more than audits, remediation and accessible web design.

We provide web accessibility training on a broad range of topics for teams and enterprises.

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AKEA’s Training Options

Overview of Standards such as WCAG and Section 508, including basic to advanced topics and how these apply to digital environments.

Web Accessibility Tools including diagnostic software, content management systems and authoring tools.

Document Accessibility for digital documents such as PDFs, MS Office documents and more. Document creation, applying standards and ALT Text.

Web Accessibility Legislation discussing how the law applies to websites and software and the legal precedent has been established.

Assistive Technology Overview demonstrating how screen readers, Braille keyboards and other solutions work for users with disabilities.

Other Topics? AKEA customizes each training for clients’ specific needs to deliver a high degree of value.

We look forward to working with you to deliver an informative and high-impact training program.