Web Accessibility Is More Than Checklists

It is tempting to search out a simple checklist that offers matter-of-fact web accessibility practices.

It is a good starting point, but web accessibility compliance is more than a list of boxes to check-off.

Start with our checklist and then contact AKEA to ensure that you have addressed compliance thoroughly.

The Details Of Compliance Are Important

When you are beginning the process of addressing web accessibility compliance, research tends to yield many different checklists that can serve as a starting point in removing digital barriers.

It is critical to note that, while beneficial, it is simply the starting point.


1) Find Experts: Because of the nuance inherent in web accessibility and addressing functional barriers for users with disabilities, we highly advise you to find specialists in the field.

2) Perform An Audit: Your chosen consultants should perform a blend of automated scans and comprehensive manual reviews throughout your digital environment.

3) Resolve Issues: When issues have been identified, remediate and ensure compliance. Involving users with disabilities will help you confirm that you have correctly identified barriers.

A consultant should be willing to provide you with a Letter of Conformance at the conclusion of the project. This document will be useful in the event of potential legal action.

Contact AKEA to learn more about our process and how we can help to support accessibility compliance in your organization.