Web Accessibility Education and Guidance

Are you in need of a fast-track approach to understanding Web Accessibility and how it applies to your business?

AKEA will work with you to review your goals and help your organization adopt an accessibility mindset.

We strive to aid businesses in creating barrier-free experiences for users with disabilities.

Why Accessibility Matters For Your Business

By adopting accessibility across your organization, you are contributing to creating an equal experience for all web users.

Web accessibility can be overwhelming and creating policies to support inclusion can be complicated.

AKEA strives to aid our clients in understanding the implications of applying the WCAG and Section 508 standards and creating strategies for successful long-term compliance.

The first step is learning about how the standards work and how they should be applied across your digital environment.

AKEA will help you get started and aid you throughout planning, implementation and beyond.

We look forward to serving you.