Are You At Risk of Non-Compliance with Web Accessibility Standards?

If you have questions about your exposure to the legal risks of web accessibility compliance, AKEA is here to help.

We provide expert guidance and consulting to assist you in identifying gaps in your digital accessibility.

Contact AKEA today to begin the process and ensure you are providing the necessary accommodations for all users.

Get Peace of Mind

When you work with AKEA, we will help your business identify and address issues preventing users with disabilities from successfully utilizing your website.

AKEA Will:

Determine if You are at Risk of creating barriers for individuals using assistive technologies such as screen readers.

Identify the Issues that are present on your website and create a path forward.

Work with You to resolve issues that are identified, closing the gaps in compliance with web accessibility standards such as WCAG and Section 508.

Create Sustainable Strategies to help you remain compliant with the standards.

Provide Peace of Mind by ensuring you have taken the best steps in serving all users.