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What Is Tech Accessibility?

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Accessibility Encompasses Many Varieties of Accommodations It seems as though accessibility has become a catchphrase, encompassing everything from lawsuits to building construction. Every day, accessibility is something that gets shoved into the foreground, and people are left wondering what it actually is. Further complicating the issue are the numerous facets [...]

What is Web Accessibility?

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Take a minute to think about your favorite websites. What is it about the design or functionality that makes them stand out? Why do you find yourself going back to them on a regular basis? More than likely, a combination of the design, flow, quality of the information provided, and [...]

What is Remediation?

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There has been an increase in education lately, surrounding website accessibility and the significance it holds for any business or institution with an online presence. If you are one of the many people learning about the importance of web accessibility, you may have additional questions about how best to determine [...]

What is a Web Accessibility Audit?

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Web accessibility audits are used to identify issues on a website where Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards are not followed, thus creating a frustrating or impossible experience for users attempting to access content on the site. The goal of an audit is to identify all issues that need to [...]

Website Accessibility: Who Needs to Be Compliant?

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Throughout the past few decades, significant efforts have been made to expand ADA protections into digital territory, as web and mobile applications become more of a requirement in our daily lives. The guiding principle of digital accessibility is to provide equal access to all web users, including those with a [...]

The Web Accessibility Consulting Process

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Imagine, what if your business couldn’t be used by a quarter of the population in the United States — simply because it wasn’t accessible? Unfortunately, if your website is not compliant with website accessibility regulations, that could be the case. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 56.7 million people, [...]

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