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Why Web Accessibility Matters

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The Impact of the Internet The Internet has had a profound democratizing effect on the world. It connects people, creating a platform for discussions, and sharing knowledge, that is almost universally accessible. The Internet entertains us, keeps us up to date with the news, helps us manage our health and [...]

Real Life With My Guide Dog

By |Categories: Everyday Accessibility|

My Dog is Working Right Now She’s cute, and her eyes are so soulful. And yet, I ask you to ignore her. It’s because those soulful eyes are working for me and keeping us both safe. It’s usually common knowledge that you shouldn’t pet a guide dog, but what is [...]

Observations on Various Aspects of Structural Accessibility

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Proper Implementation of Accessibility Accommodations In mainstream discussions about accessibility, people are most familiar with structural accessibility. In other words, it is widely known that wheelchair access ramps are a necessity, and that braille should be present on signage. However, the intricacies of implementing this accessibility are often overlooked. It’s [...]

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