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Why Web Accessibility Matters

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Improving the web experience for the disabled community is critical in the effort to close the digital gap. Web accessibility (Universal Design) means that websites, tools, and technologies are designed and developed so everyone — including those with disabilities — can use them.

Real Life With My Guide Dog

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My Dog is Working Right Now She’s cute, and her eyes are so soulful. And yet, I ask you to ignore her. It’s because those soulful eyes are working for me and keeping us both safe. It’s usually common knowledge that you shouldn’t pet a guide dog, but what is [...]

Observations on Various Aspects of Structural Accessibility

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Proper Implementation of Accessibility Accommodations In mainstream discussions about accessibility, people are most familiar with structural accessibility. In other words, it is widely known that wheelchair access ramps are a necessity, and that braille should be present on signage. However, the intricacies of implementing this accessibility are often overlooked. It’s [...]

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