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AKEA Web Solutions – Leaders In Web Accessibility and Experts in WordPress

AKEA was founded in 2010. From inception, AKEA has set its focus on exceptional service and creating websites that are:

  • Easy for your visitors to use
  • Easy for your company to manage
  • High-value resources that provide ROI

Don’t Take Our Word For It – Here’s What AKEA’s Happy Customers Have To Say

Why Choose WordPress?

WordPress IconBecause we put our clients first (and their customers, as well), AKEA chose WordPress as it’s primary platform for building client websites.

But Why WordPress? WordPress is literally the most popular CMS on the market today. It enjoys a nearly 40% market-share. There are many reasons for this:

  • WordPress has an ENORMOUS developer community (companies and individuals continually creating new themes and plugins to extend the power of WordPress)
  • WordPress is, simply put, the easiest platform for anyone to use to manage their website themselves
  • WordPress is continually improving
  • WordPress is the easiest CMS to learn (seriously, if you can use Microsoft Word or write an email in Gmail, you can definitely edit your WP website)
  • WordPress delivers the best value to our clients and to their customers

WordPress is Easy?

Naturally, easy doesn’t always mean the best, but – we have have found that WordPress more than serves the needs of all of our clients. There are cases when WordPress would not be the best choice, naturally, but for the vast majority of businesses it will be the best decision they ever made.

AKEA Puts Our Clients in the Driver’s Seat

One more reason AKEA chooses WordPress is that we want our clients to have more options, not fewer.

When you work with AKEA, you have complete freedom to take your website (files and databases and all) and move it wherever you like.

Host with GoDaddy? Sure.

Host on your owner server? You bet!

We believe the websites we create are NOT ours. Your website is YOURS. If we’re hosting your website, you can take it anytime – just ask.

We offer robust WordPress web hosting, but we do not require you to host with us. You can read about our premium web hosting services here.

And What About Web Accessibility? What is It?

Web Accessibility IconSimply put, Web Accessibility Standards ensure that everyone is able to access and use your website – regardless of physical impairment. If a user has visual impairments, they will use Assistive Technology. The Assistive Technology used for browsing websites is called a Screen Reader.

Just as commercial buildings are required by law to comply with accessible building code (wheelchair ramps, railings in restrooms, etc), websites are being required, more and more, to comply with WCAG standards. If your organization is a State or Federal agency, it already is the law.

The professionals at AKEA Web Solutions are experts in web accessibility and can help you identify the issues that are preventing your website from being compliant. AKEA is available to help identify and resolve theses issues.

Read More About Web Accessibility Here.

Who Does AKEA Work With?

AKEA has worked with many fine companies and organizations across the United States. We have worked with very small organic farms. We have worked with International Bio Science Companies. We work with:

  • State Government
  • Higher Education
  • Public Education
  • Municipalities and Local Government
  • Creative Agencies
  • Financial Institutions
  • Small-Large Business
  • Nonprofits
  • Associations
  • Religious Organizations
  • Check Out Our Portfolio

Frankly, we are well-suited to work with you if your organization has (or is seeking to establish) a presence on the Internet.

In those occasions when we encounter a client who would better-suited for another web consultant or service provider, we will direct them to the best option for their specific needs. In the end, we value the relationship and we want to see the client served in the best way for their circumstances.

Sound Good? It’s Time To Contact AKEA.

AKEA Web Solutions
A Michigan Company

Located In
Downtown Lansing

Web Design

WordPress Development

Web Accessibility Consulting

About AKEA Web Solutions

AKEA Web Solutions was founded in 2010 and has been evolving ever since – with a consistent philosophy to guide the way.

A websites need to serve a business their customers. So, let’s create client websites that are easy to use easy to manage.

All of our decisions have been based on this simple concept. And when we can make adjustments to improve, we do that.

Ultimately, it is our goal to create websites that provide our clients with more options, not fewer – and more ability to fully take control of their websites.

We will always be available to provide as much or as little support as you need from your web team – and it will always be your call.

AKEA Leadership Team

The AKEA Team is made up of an extraordinary group of people whose sole focus is to improve your website. Our executive members consist of professionals from a variety of backgrounds.


Creative / Technical / Executive

What Sets Us Apart

Members of the AKEA crew come from very unique backgrounds. All embrace a spirit of entrepreneurship and well as a history working in government, education, business of all sizes as well as nonprofits.

In terms of how we differ from that vast majority of web design firms is that our background is in….

the main point we need to drive home is that we are experts in WEB TECHNOLOGY DESIGN, WORDPRESS, and ACCESSIBILITY and USABILITY- most companies are either design OR accessibility – there are literally NO other companies that encompass what we provide

Industries Served

  • Small Business
  • Nonprofits
  • State Government
  • Education
  • Higher Education
  • Banking and Finance