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AKEA Web Solutions is a company that will first understand your unique business needs and then attack them head-on.

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What Do We Offer At AKEA Web Solutions?

Web Design Services And Consulting

AKEA will work with you to understand your goals and create a web solution to position you for success.
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Mobile Web Development

If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, you are turning potential customers away. Are You Optimized?
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Web Marketing Solutions

Want more traffic to your website? More qualified visitors? More conversions? This is where it starts.
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What Our Clients Are Saying

AKEA goes the extra mile to make sure you’re more than satisfied with your website. I would recommend them in an instant.
Becky Cunningham, Michigan Ag Council
We highly recommend AKEA for any business that might want to be successful.
Steve Bush, BusHamM Cabins
My Website Paid For Itself In 2 And A Half Months!
Fred Lowe, Olympian, Personal Trainer
AKEA helped us out of a website catastrophe… At such a very stressful time, we were so grateful for this company to help us out!
Missy Ball, Spartan Fit Center

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Creating a Mobile-Friendly Website For Your Medical Practice

2015004-23 With over 1 billion global smartphone users, mobile compatibility is something that doctors and medical practice owners can no longer afford to overlook when designing their websites. Failing to deliver a website that’s viewable/functional on both desktop and mobile devices will result in a significant loss in traffic, as well as lost leads. So, how do you ensure that your website is compatible on mobile devices? Why Doctors Need Mobile-Compatible Websites There are a number of reasons why doctors… read more →


Bing’s Slow But Steady Rise

2015-04-22 There’s no denying the fact that Google is the undisputed “king” of search engines. The Mountain View company receives more traffic share than Yahoo, Bing and Ask combined. However, the Microsoft-owned Bing is slowly but surely rising to the top. It may not pose a direct threat to Google as of yet, but market analysts believe this could soon change. According to data presented by the latest comScore report, Bing’s U.S. search engine share increased by 0.3% in March,… read more →

How To Optimize Your Website Photos

Image Optimization: How To Optimize Your Site’s Images

Optimizing each and every image uploaded to your website can boost your traffic and search engine ranking. When images are properly optimized, they will begin to show up in Google Images, opening up a whole new source of untapped traffic. Of course, search engines will notice these well-optimized images and take into account when ranking your actual website. Create a Relevant File Name The fist step in optimizing an image is to create a name that’s relevant to what it… read more →

How To Find The Right Niche

Niche Selection 101: How To Choose a Hot Niche

Many webmasters and online entrepreneurs underestimate the importance of niche selection. The wrong niche will force you to work extra hard while seeing minimal gains in return. On the other hand, the right niche allows you to target a very narrow audience demographic where’s there’s little-to-no competition. But how exactly do you find a hot niche for your website? Low Competition, High Traffic The golden rule of niche selection is to aim for a subject with low competition and high… read more →

Local SEO Tips For Small Business

SEO Tips For Local Local Business Websites

Most savvy business owners naturally want to rank at the top of Google for their target keywords. High rankings are especially important for local businesses, as it translates into direct sales. If the owner of an auto repair shop in Lansing, MI ranks his or her business website at the top for “Lansing auto repair,” they will receive a stream of highly qualified prospects and ready-to-buy clients via Google. But how do you optimize a business website to rank for local keywords… read more →


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